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Monday, 2 February 2015

Raptors for lunch

No, I didn't eat them.  But a brief stop in the car park at Burnham Norton during my lunch break was productive.  Four species of raptor in as many minutes included a distant Red Kite somewhere over Burnham Overy way and best of all a splendid male Hen Harrier.  This was distant - the other side of the sea wall - but still great to see.

By the way, if you missed my recent post about the current Hen Harrier debate, have a look.  It saddens me that even today the sniping continues as one prominent conservationist continues to undermine other conservationists.  His sensationalist approach is certainly gaining him plenty of support, which I suspect might be half the point, but you could say the same about Nigel Farage and it doesn't make him right.  For me Philip Merricks and the Hawk and Owl Trust are coming out top in this debate, but in all honesty that's purely for the fact that their contribution appears measured and considered, brave but not pandering to the masses.  Maybe if Mark Avery could manage a measured and considered response that showed a bit of respect rather than masking any decent point he might have in blather and sniping, I might be more persuaded.  But from where I'm sitting his populist sensationalist approach smacks more of UKIP than conservation.

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