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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

More geese

Yesterday when I checked the goose flock near work all I could find was the 2 Barnacle Geese (but there weren't many geese there - many more evidently arrived soon after, judging from the report of 10,000 in the early afternoon).

I returned today and found a lot more geese, though many were out of sight from my view point.  A single Barnacle Goose and an Icelandic Greylag Goose were all I could pick out on the first scan but then the pair of Barnacle Geese flew in.  A more careful look revealed a party of 4 Tundra Bean Geese and then before I left a fifth Tundra Bean Goose appeared.  Although bigger numbers were present today it was nowhere near 10,000.  As I drove off I noticed a huge flock in the distance getting up from a field that is out of view from any road - maybe that's where the rest have been getting?

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