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Friday, 2 January 2015

A couple of raptors and a couple of policemen

My first day back at work after Christmas and my journey in was improved by seeing a Red Kite low over the road at Pudding Norton.

Lunch time started well with a nice Peregrine just west of Bircham, but play was interrupted when I attempted to take a turn next to Anmer church.  Of course this is where some of the royals hang out and they obviously don't like folk with big lenses poking about.  Well my big lens was hidden so it wasn't that that caught the police's attention, but when asked what was in my car I didn't think there was much point in not fessing up to it.  Had there been lots of bird photos on the camera they might have believed my story about looking for wild geese a bit more readily, but I'd not taken any photos today so they were a bit more suspicious.  After about 15 minutes of questioning and checking out details they finally let me go.  Now late for getting back to work and having been warned to be careful where I stop, I thought better of stopping to check out the flock of geese at the end of the road (north of Flitcham).  Maybe another day, if I dare.

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