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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Shore Larks & Pallid Harrier

I headed up to Burnham Overy again this morning, seeing nothing of particular note on my way out.  Reaching Gun Hill I spent a bit of time photographing the 3 Shore Larks that have been here for a few days now.

Shore Larks, Burnham Overy, 19th December

On the way back a Barnacle Goose was accompanied by a Ross's Goose x Barnacle Goose hybrid, perhaps the same bird I've seen here before but the first time I've seen it for quite a while.

Ross's Goose x Barnacle Goose hybrid (with Barnacle Goose), Burnham Overy, 19th December

Next I headed down to Flitcham where the Pallid Harrier has relocated to.  No sign on my arrival so I had a quick drive around the surrounding roads in the hope of bumping in to it before returning to its favoured area.  Fairly soon it appeared over the back of the field, but it kept to the back moving east and then south east.  A bit too far for photos so I got in my car and sped off down the lane towards where it seemed to be heading.  But looking right back towards the hide I saw it again, heading back through the field in front of the hide.  Figuring it might return to the fields I turned round and returned.  Most of the other guys left leaving just two of us to see it when it reappeared over the field in front of us.  Got good views here before it disappeared behind the hedge to the adjacent field nearer the village.  It soon reappeared but this time headed off west, disappearing somewhere over NW of the village.

Pallid Harrier, Flitcham, 19th December

I had a look along the road running NNW from Flitcham but no sign, so wondering if it was perhaps returning to Snettisham I headed over to Wolferton.  I reckon when it's at Snettisham it would sometimes be visible from the track from Wolferton, the start of which has public access.  Obviously not when it's out on the saltmarsh, but at times it should be I think.  No sign this afternoon though, not that I gave it all that long.

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