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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Mallard x Pintail hybrid

Attempts to find interesting geese in my lunch breaks have been largely unsuccessful this week, though there are a few scattered flocks of Pink-feet frequenting several fields in the area.  On Tuesday managed a Barnacle Goose but that was the only thing of note.

Barnacle Goose, north of Stanhoe, 1st December

Justin recently found a Mallard x Pintail hybrid at Whitlingham and James texted me yesterday to inform me that it was still present (thanks to both).  I was in the Norwich area this morning so rocked up to see if it was still there, and sure enough it was.  Apart from the duff backcrossed bird at Blakeney this was my first Mallard x Pintail hybrid since one at Bough Beech Reservoir in the 1980s.

Mallard x Pintail hybrid, Whitlingham CP, 6th December

Egyptian Geese, Whitlingham CP, 6th December

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