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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Post-Christmas back in Norfolk

I didn't intend to spend the whole day out on Tuesday but planned to look round a few sites.  James had found a Dusky Warbler at Holkham on Christmas day and I figured it must be wintering in the area somewhere.  Holkham Park is adjacent to where I think he saw it and there's some suitable wintering warbler habitat in the park - I saw Chiffchaff and Blackcap together there 3 years ago in December.  So after some quick and uneventful stops elsewhere along the coast I headed to Holkham Park.

I enjoyed the wander round - seeing Nuthatches everywhere is always fun (only 1 Treecreeper though).  A Barn Owl flew through the trees, stopping briefly, and a Crossbill called overhead.

Barn Owl, Holkham Park, 29th December

Didn't see any warblers but ventured to parts of the park I'd not been to before, including around the church...

Holkham Church, 29th December

There were plenty of ducks on the lake including counts of 118 Shoveler and 114 Tufted Duck.  A Goldeneye was the only remotely noteworthy species though.

Egyptian Geese, Holkham Park, 29th December

I could see lots of people on the road presumably looking for the Red-rumped Swallow (not seen all day) or at the Great White Egret (I couldn't see that from where I was).  Among the Buzzards was this pale bird.

Buzzard, Holkham Freshmarsh, 29th December

After Holkham I had a quick drive round a few likely spots looking for goose flocks, via fish & chips from The Mermaid at Burnham Market.  Drew a complete blank on the geese.

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