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Friday, 19 February 2016

Not half a Bunting but a Barnie

Monday lunch incorporated a quick visit to Thornham.  Not much doing there.

Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Thornham, 15th February

On Tuesday news emerged of a probably Pine Bunting x Yellowhammer hybrid at Courtyard Farm, Ringstead.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes looking for it, but despite good numbers of Yellowhammers I failed to find the target.  I didn't have long to look on either day and the flock was hard to see, spending most of their time hidden in the field with some of the birds coming up to the hedge, where only a small proportion of them were visible, from time to time.  I doubt if I got a proper look at a quarter of them so chances are the Piney hyrbidy thing was still in there somewhere.

This Barn Owl was a nice diversion when the buntings weren't delivering:

Barn Owl, Ringstead, 16th February

The only other bird of note this week was another Grey Wagtail at work.  Oh, and Oystercatchers are back at work today too.

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