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Monday, 25 May 2015

Where's May gone?

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by May 2015.  I'm disappointed that I've not spent more time in the field and that holiday plans didn't come off, but the weather has been so poor for birding I don't think saving the days for later in the year will necessarily be a bad thing.  The Citril Finch on my coastal patch makes up for a lot, but without that this month would have been a bit desperate.  Mind you, there are still a few days left.

Over the bank holiday weekend the winds were forecast to be between west and north on Saturday and Monday, neither of which were likely to produce many birds, but south-westerly on Sunday.  Not ideal perhaps but can be good, especially for vis mig.  So I decided to make sure I got out early Sunday if nothing else, and nothing else it proved to be.

Sunday morning I headed up to Burnham Overy at dawn.  Most of the 5 Spoonbills I saw were seen during the walk out to the dunes, as were 2 of the 3 Mediterranean Gulls.  A trickle of Swifts and hirundines moved west, but when I say trickle I really do mean it - Swifts and House Martins just about made double figures while Swallows were only twice as many.  Lots of racing pigeons moving west but as these dried up Woodpigeons started to take over.  Well, one flock of about 60 Woodpigeons flew west over the dunes and after that a handful more followed.  Not sure what they're doing moving at this time of year - I usually expect to see spring passage of Woodpigeon very early - March or even February.  Maybe they're early breeders dispersing already?

Some of the Linnets are looking very colourful at the moment.  You could almost grow to like them...

Linnet, Burnham Overy, 24th May

A single Whimbrel was seen and there are still 2 Cuckoos calling.  I found 2 Wheatears in the dunes but no hint of anything scarce.  It was worth a good hammering though - the north Norfolk coast turned up Icterine Warbler and Bluethroat so there was every chance of something like that here too.  Sadly I didn't find it if it was here.

Meadow Pipit, Burnham Overy, 24th May

Wheatear, Burnham Overy, 24th May

Reed Bunting, Burnham Overy, 24th May

pair of Gadwall, Burnham Overy, 24th May

Oystercatcher, Burnham Overy, 24th May

Carrion Crow, Burnham Overy, 24th May

Swallow, Burnham Overy, 24th May

I stopped off at the local patch on the way home - not much doing there either.  One Little Ringed Plover not given up yet and a Kingfisher.

This Swallow spent much of this afternoon singing just outside my study window:

Swallow, North Elmham, 25th May

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