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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gros beak

I left Saturday's post half way through as I didn't have time to finish sorting the photos for the rest of the day.  Have done now.  The rest of the morning was spent at Lynford where I hoped to get great views of the Hawfinches.  There have been some amazing photos around recently as the birds have been feeding on the ground near the feeders.  Well it seems they aren't quite as close as I'd imagined, and no doubt better light would have made photography easier.  The birds weren't all that showy either, being on view only fairly briefly, but we did see 2 Hawfinches.  This was the duller one, which showed best:

Hawfinch, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

The brigher one was less obliging still:

Hawfinch, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

We heard lots of Siskins around the area but this pair dropped down to drink by the feeders.

Siskins, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

We found a feeding station where somebody has clearly been putting food down for photography.  It was popular with the birds, frequently being visited by Nuthatch and several Marsh Tits (among many other species).  I love Nuthatches!

 Nuthatches, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

Marsh Tits, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

Don't know about you, but I don't think it would be too big a stretch to think that some of these Marsh Tits have brown - or at least blackish-brown - nasal bristles.  According to one recent claim that would make them Willow Tits - only they weren't Willow Tits.  Anyway - I've blogged about this over here if you're interested.

Coal Tits, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

Great Tits, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

Chaffinches, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

Robin, Lynford Arboretum, 21st March

This porky chap was in an enclosure on the way out of the arboretum.

Pig/Boar/thing, Lynford, 21st March

On the way home we drove past the copse where the hybrid Pheasants had been - the new one was still there.

presumed Reeves's Pheasant x Common Pheasant (var. tenebrosus) hybrid, Threxton Hill, 21st March

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