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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Quality local birding

A pair of Little Ringed Plovers returned to the patch on 19th March and have continued to be seen subsequently (with others at least passing through) so hopefully they'll breed again.  The Green Sandpiper a few days later certainly won't.

A more exciting find late in the evening of 20th March was a pair of Garganey.  They didn't show up until it was practically dark but were still present the following morning.  It's suitable breeding habitat and the site can't cope with a twitch so I'll refrain from saying where they were, although I could not find them on subsquent visits so they have almost certainly moved on.

Garganey, 21st March

I've seen various waders swimming before but don't recall seeing this behaviour by a Lapwing before.

Lapwing, 21st March

One immature White-fronted Goose and up to 42 Barnacle Geese continue to frequented Ryburgh and I saw Red Kite there too along with up to 4 Mediterranean Gulls.  A Peregrine was seen at Bintree one day and another (or I suppose maybe the same) at Ryburgh a couple of times.

Peregrine, Great Ryburgh, 30th March

There has been a Great Grey Shrike wintering near Sparham.  It was first discovered along Lime Kiln Road which was mildly frustrating as I had spent quite a bit of time in the exact spot over the previous few days (due to the presence of a small bunting flock and a larger finch flock).  I frequently drive along this road - indeed I perhaps go here more than any other birder - but despite other people seeing it here from time to time I never connected with it.  It was also seen at Sparham Pools a few times and I also visited here a couple of times without any luck.  On 23rd March I finally connected with it at Sparham Pools getting some nice views before it was flushed by a dog-walker.

Great Grey Shrike, Sparham Pool, 23rd March

Perhaps the most surprising local find was a female Hooded Merganser seen in flight.  Although it appeared to be fully-winged I have very good reason to believe it was an escaped bird.

The Teal with a white collar reappeared at Ryburgh on 28th.

Teal, Great Ryburgh, 28th March

Here are some more birds photographed there...

Teal, Great Ryburgh, 28th March

Sparrowhawk and Rook, Great Ryburgh, 28th March

Shovelers, Great Ryburgh, 28th March

Lapwing, Great Ryburgh, 28th March

Starlings, Great Ryburgh, 31stMarch

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