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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

More lunch break birding

Last Friday lunch time I popped up to Brancaster Staithe where the Red-necked Grebe remained, though again far more distant than it had been the first time I saw it.  Also 4-5 Red-breasted Mergansers here.

Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent in bed with a terrible case of man 'flu.  Monday I worked from home so Tuesday was my next opportunity to get out in my lunch break in NW Norfolk.  Too many people at the Pallid Harrier to make stopping and viewing from the car practical so I continued on round the back roads south of the A149 between Massingham and Grimston, an area I should explore some more.  Nothing much doing there today though, but on the way back a nice showy pair of Grey Partridges provided a photo opportunity.

Grey Partridges, west of Anmer, 19th January

Also a large flock of Fieldfares at the top of the road NNW  from Flitcham - couldn't see any Naumann's Thrushes among them (Britain's first, and unless I've forgotton one, last Naumann's Thrush turned up on this day 26 years ago, though I seem to recall news didn't emerge for some time; at least I didn't see it until 17th Feb and there was a fairly big crowd there then).  Back at work a Grey Wagtail flew through the car park.

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