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Monday, 26 October 2015

Stoat up a tree with a Yellow-browed Warbler before super moonrise and super sunset

I only had a few hours on the afternoon of Sunday 27th September so without enough time to do Burnham Overy properly I headed up to Brancaster.  Gypsy Lane might hold a few migrants and is perhaps poorly enough watched for me to have a chance of finding something, even if just a Yellow-browed Warbler.  Lots of Yellow-browed Warblers turning up at the moment so I thought I had a good chance of at least that.  But alas I could muster up nothing better than Chiffchaff, Cetti's Warbler, Greenshank and some Pink-feet over.

 Greenshank, Brancaster, 27th September

Redshank, Brancaster, 27th September

Little Grebe, Brancaster, 27th September

Tufted Ducks, Brancaster, 27th September

A walk west from Brancaster Staithe was more productive, though it didn't start well.  Nothing seemed to be doing around the copse at the start of the boardwalk where I found a Yellow-browed Warbler last year.  A Common Sandpiper was calling in the harbour and a couple of Kingfishers were whizzing around.  A Grey Wagtail flew west.

Further on I heard what I was listening for... just a single call but enough - Yellow-browed Warbler.  Eventually after quite a long wait it started calling again and finally I got a look at it.

Yellow-browed Warbler, Brancaster Staithe, 27th September

At one point it was flitting around in front of the most surprising sighting of the day - a Stoat 12' up in a tree!  Never knew they climbed trees before but this was clambering around in the tree for ages.  Is that normal behaviour?

Stoat, Brancaster Staithe, 27th September

Blue Tit, Brancaster Staithe, 27th September

Next I headed to Burnham Norton but it was late by now.  The super moon was rising looking huge and magnificent while looking the other way the spectacle was equally impressive with one of the best sunsets I've seen in ages.

Super Moon (with Barn Owl), Burnham Norton, 27th September

sunset (with Pink-footed Geese), Burnham Norton, 27th September

Super Moon (with Pink-footed Geese), Burnham Norton, 27th September

A few birds too - Hen Harrier and Barn Owl were both hunting while hundreds if not thousands of Pink-footed Geese were heading to roost.

Barn Owl, Burnham Norton, 27th September

Above my head at least 10 Bats (probably many more) were flying around.  My Bat identification skills are pretty much non-existent but I reckon they're perhaps Noctules... big bats anyway... can you tell from these pictures?  Let me know if you can identify them, please.

Bats (Noctules?), Burnham Norton, 27th September

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